SMART Goals for School Nurses (15 Realistic Examples)

If it is that time of the year again for you as a school nurse to hand in your yearly goals, this post will provide you with plenty of inspirational examples of SMART goals! 

Smart goals for school nurses

The SMART Goal Method 

Using SMART goals is an ideal way to develop school nurse goals. Here is a quick look at what the acronym means. 

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Attainable
  • Realistic
  • Timely

SMART Goals for School Nurses

Simple Goal: I will keep up with all my monthly school year responsibilities.

SMART Goal: I will print out ten monthly calendars, one for each month, September thru June. Each month comes with several responsibilities. I will write down all the monthly obligations in a notebook and then transfer them to the calendar each month.

I will check the status of completed tasks every third week of each month to keep myself on track and finish each month on time. 

Simple Goal: I will improve the clinical care of my diabetic patients. 

SMART Goal: Over the school year, I will seek guidance from a specialist in educating my patients about the disease process and best practices for disease management. Every six months, I will assess for an improvement of uncontrolled diabetes cases on the campus. 

Simple Goal: I want to stay current with the latest standard of practice. 

SMART Goal: Every year, I will review guidelines and policy changes that affect health management in schools. I will have the necessary adjustments completed by the first quarter of the year. 

Simple Goal: I want to educate teachers and all other staff members on safety measures for students and adults.

SMART Goal: I will organize informational classes twice per year about health measures such as first-aid practices. I will keep an attendance sheet to follow up on individuals that need to attend. Every staff member should have the class completed within two weeks. 

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Simple Goal: I want to achieve a 98% compliance rate of immunizations. 

SMART Goal: Within the next six months, I will set up a roster with every student name to follow up on missing immunizations. I will also send out yearly educational letters to parents to educate about the importance of immunizations.

Simple Goal: I want to connect with parents and caregivers. 

SMART Goal: At the beginning of each school year, I will send out letters to introduce myself and explain my role in keeping the children healthy. 

Simple Goals: I want to be a great teacher and resource for students. 

SMART Goal: I will attend at least one teacher seminar every quarter and use the skills I have learned. 

Simple Goal: I want my students to feel comfortable to talk to me. 

SMART Goal: Each year, I will attend a class to improve my interpersonal and communication skills. I will make sure I use at least one skill daily that I have learned from the course. 

Simple Goal: I want to communicate with students of all age groups. 

SMART Goal: Once per year, I will attend a class that focuses on child development and communication of all ages. I will use at least one skill that I have learned daily on my patients of different age groups. 

Simple Goal: I want to teach the students about nutrition.

SMART Goal: Each year, I will hold a class about nutritional and health basics. I will provide a short quiz at the end, of course, to assess the information the students took away from the class. 

Simple Goal: I will take the time to have one-on-one discussions with the students.

SMART Goal: Each week, I will set aside time to talk to students about their health and self-care goals. I will follow up with the student’s progress twice per year. 

Simple Goal: I want to maintain my RN license. 

SMART Goal: I will attend at least two workshops or seminars each month to ensure sufficient CE(continuing education) hours when it comes time to renew my license. 

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Simple Goal: I want to improve the resource manual. 

SMART Goal: Each year, I will pick a specific topic from the resource manual, i.e., diabetes, asthma attack, fractures, or concussion. I will then make improvements to the step-by-step instructions. I will add pictures, flow sheets, and other helpful sources to make this resource more valuable. 

Simple Goal: I want to train other health office nurses and staff. 

SMART Goal: By the end of the month, I will train and observe all health staff on taking a blood sugar. 

Simple Goal: I want to have 100% of my screenings complete by the second month of the school year. 

SMART Goal: I will keep a list of students that need to be completed each week to meet the monthly goal. 

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